Up to 80% storewide discount at Four Star’s new showroom in Woodlands from May 31 to Jun. 4, 2023

Grand opening sale.

| Melanie Lim | Sponsored | May 29, 2023, 11:00 AM

Four Star will be celebrating the opening of their new showroom at Woodlands 11, starting from May 31 to June 4.

During these five days, there will be storewide discounts of up to 80 per cent off the following items and more:

  • Premium label mattresses
  • High quality bed frames
  • Hydraulic storage bed
  • Pull out bed
  • Fabric and European leather sofa
  • Coffee tables
  • Dining sets

Here’s what you can expect at the sale:

Premium label mattresses

At Four Star’s new showroom, choose from a variety of Premium Label Mattresses such as Detense Arcticsilk, Chiro+ and Memory Foam Mattress, to satisfy different needs.

Prices start from:

  • S$199 for a single size
  • S$299 for a super single size
  • S$399 for a queen size
  • S$499 for a king size

Detense Arcticsilk (Cooling & Anti Static Mattress)

Luxury Sleep Experience

If you want to feel like a king or queen when you sleep, Detense Arcticsilk Advanze Aire Flex mattresses provide a luxurious silk feel with special ticking.

The silk-feel eco fibres also increase the mattress’s ability to stay cool and disperse heat fast.

Revolutionary Japanese Technology

The revolutionary Japanese technology behind this model ensures a cooling night of sleep with increased airflow, regulating overall mattress temperature.

This technology has passed stringent tests for compression by the Japanese Industrial Standard Committee, ensuring maximum breathability and durability of the mattress.

This way, you won’t have to worry as much about waking up in the middle of the night covered in sweat.

Stress Reliever

The anti-static feature of the mattress not only discharges static electricity from human bodies, reducing stress and muscle tension, but also dissipates static electricity built up from electrical appliances and the environment.

Great for those who have busy work or study schedules and need a good night’s rest to de-stress.

Chiro+ Series (Back Care Mattress)

Back Support and Spinal Alignment

If you have a friend or family member with back problems, the Chiro+ series of mattresses may be suitable for them.

With a focus on well-being and back care, the Chiro+ series has been specially designed to provide orthopaedic posture support.

Its firmness and durability provide optimal support and alignment to the spine, which helps alleviate pain and discomfort.

Chiropedic Technology

As one of the members of the World Federation of Chiropractic, Four Star has developed and engineered the Chiro+ series to solve sleep problems that result from uncomfortable sleeping surfaces and uneven mattress pressure distribution.


The Chiro+ series is also environmentally friendly due to the use of eco-efficient performance fibre Dupont™ Sorona®, which is made from plant-based ingredients.

The 3E Natural Fibre in Chiro+ series is created without compromising performance, yet built with the 3E in mind - Environmental, Equity & Economy, reducing carbon footprints by 63 per cent.

Kill two birds with one stone by doing your part for the environment and sleeping in comfort.

Memory Foam Series

Reduced Motion Transfer

Couples who share the same bed might be able to relate to the problem of being awoken in the middle of the night by their partner’s movements.

One of the main benefits of the Memory Foam Bed is its ability to reduce motion transfer.

If you share your bed with a partner or pet, you won't be disturbed by their movements during the night.

This series of mattress also provides excellent edge support, so you won't feel like you're going to fall off the side.

Remarkable Comfort

Besides this, the Memory Foam series of mattresses has a body-smart design that helps to provide the best fit for individuals’ varying spinal curvatures as well as cooling technology inside that is perfect against Singapore’s heat.

The premium natural latex and memory foam can also endure prolonged use.

Bed Frames

Besides mattresses, be sure to check out Four Star’s Designer Bed Frames and Storage Beds, where prices start from S$199.

Four Star’s bed frames come with a headboard that are fitted to Divan bases, which are made using durable and sturdy wooden frames.

Customers are also given the option to choose between synthetic leather and fabric materials, or wooden and metal legs for their bed frames.

Storage Bed and Pull Out Bed

If you need more storage space in your home, Four Star’s storage bed frames are equipped with a German Hydraulic lift system that allows you to lift the bed with ease and store your belongings.

In addition, the German Hydraulic lift system comes with a 10-year warranty.

Types of storage beds:

  • Lift up bed
  • Storage bed with drawers
  • Storage bed with side cabinets
  • Pull out bed

Customers can opt for synthetic leather or fabric for the bed frame, and combine different functions and colours.

Ergonomic Smart Technology Bed (new arrival)

The Ergonomic Smart Technology Bed blends cutting-edge technology with comfort.

It is specially crafted to support your body's natural contours, promoting healthy alignment and reducing pressure points for a better night's sleep.

Matched with the Four Star Memory Foam Mattress, adjust the bed set to your most comfortable posture and improve your overall blood circulation and health.

All the smart features can be easily customised using an all-in-one app on your smartphone or tablet.


Apart from mattresses and bed frames, you can also shop for sofas, sofa beds, TV consoles, coffee tables and many more.

Signature Sofa by Four Star

Four Star offers a wide variety of sofa designs, including L-shaped sofas, 3-seater sofas, recliners, and more.

Customisation options are available so you can personalise your sofa to fit your unique style and preferences.

Four Star also provides a range of home furniture pieces, such as sofa beds, TV consoles, coffee tables, and more.

All products are made with high-quality materials and crafted with precision.

Sofa So Smart (new arrival)

Combining comfort and technology, the revolutionary Smart Sofa features built-in smart technology that allows you to control it with your smartphone or tablet using a convenient app.

With an all-in-one app, you can adjust the position of the sofa's recliner, headrest, footrest, and lumbar support to find the perfect level of comfort.

Whether you want to relax with a book or watch your favourite show, the Smart Sofa makes it easy to find the right position.

Dining sets from S$499

Worried about getting scratches and stains on your dining table?

The Sintered Stone Dining Table from Four Star can stay spotless for a long time with minimal effort.

This is thanks to its easy-to-clean surface which is impervious to usual household heat sources like fresh-off-the-stove pots.

It is also scratch and stain resistant.

Another durable option is the Wooden Dining Table, which boasts a medium-density fibreboard (MDF) tabletop for easy cleaning of dust and spills.

Selected models are extendable, which means you can make them bigger to accommodate more guests during special occasions before folding them back in to free up more space around the room.

Free Gifts

Event exclusives

Customers who shop during the sale period can enjoy the following perks:

  • Up to a 15-year warranty for all premium mattresses
  • Free extended warranty for all sofas
  • Free delivery
  • 0 per cent GST
  • Free Home Appliances Gifts from Premium Brands
  • Free Taxi Claim upon checkout
  • Free Parking upon checkout
  • 0 per cent instalment plan for DBS/POSB credit cards
  • Atome and GrabPay payment options

Four Star Gallery Store

Address: 11 Woodlands Close, #01-02, Singapore 737853

Opening hours: 10am to 10pm, daily

Nearest MRT station: Admiralty (10 minutes walk)

There is ample parking space and free parking/ Grab/ Gojek receipt claim upon checkout.


  • 9234 4442 (Mattress and bed frame)
  • 8111 6169 (Sofa and other furniture)

This sponsored article by Four Star made this writer want to check out their new store at Woodlands.

Top images via Four Star